hi, i‘m penelope ainhoa

- and that‘s my real name, not an artist‘s one.

My parents chose penelope because of penelope pitstop, from a famous

comic film series of the sixties and seventees „wacky races“, which my mother watched in madrid and my father in paris, when they still were kids.

ainhoa is basque name from northern spain...

i‘m living in spain and germany, thus travelling quite frequently.

that‘s most likely heritage of my ancesters roots: my grand grand parents are coming from far away: from germany and spain of course, from england to the baltics, from france to sweden, cuba to russia. and some of the noble family roots are traced back as much as fourty generations! so i‘m just walking in their steps...

i like travelling, and that‘s necessary for my work - which i‘m really enjoying. you can find some photographs on this homepage, giving overview about my broad range of catwalk and modelling.

i love dancing, reading, going out with friends, parties, and of course travelling. from ibiza to thailand, from milan to paris i‘m enjoying live and work.

and i like animals, dogs of course, dolphins and orcas!

more about me...